At Enterprise Chiropractic Clinic we design each treatment according to each individual patient, no two patients are the same. We treat each patient based on examination and their specific complaints. Equipment we may use to resolve issues may include:

Interferential Current Therapy
Low frequency electrical simulation of nerves without pain or any discomfort. Used for the beginning of treatment to decrease pain and inflammation. 

Stainless steel canopy, 36 water jets and pump ensure maximum relaxation. Aqua massage provides with deep tissue aches and pains, increase blood circulation and oxygen absorption, increase range of motion along with a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, and natural increases endorphins. 

Traction Bed
Rolling Massage table used by chiropractors is able to perform intersegment traction in the spinal that is gentle enough to aid in removal spinal subluxation. The roller travels throughout the body lifting and separation and spinal segment, thereby improving the spaces between the spine that may have caused nerve root compression. Built in rollers travel up and down the body which results in muscle relaxation, as well as additional vibration feature that makes it a great stress reliever. 

Massage bed

Open Bed Style Design to achieve complete flexibility and comfort with a relaxing experience. Water through air technology for user to rest comfortably above the water level, providing stability and delivering maximum potential massage pressure. The user have the ability of personalization and real time adjustment of the massage through handheld control.  

Laser Light Therapy

We use Laser Light Therapy in our office and what this means is Laser therapy is the use of laser energy to create therapeutic effects. These effects can improve healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling

The Following is a list of some conditions that have shown successful outcomes in recent studies after the laser therapy was use: soft tissue injuries, tendinitis, sprains/ strains, back and neck pain, muscle pain, headache, nerve pain, and many more. 

Other equipment used include; Zero-Gravity Massage chair, Cervical traction, NEU Scan, MyoVision scanning, and many more. 

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